DaReal Americano™ uses JSECoin - a Cryptocurrency

DaReal Americano™  uses JSECoin for web advertising

Yup you heard right, in the following post you'll learn things like:

  1. What the fuck is JSECoin
  2. Who created this cryptocurrency
  3. How much is the value of JSEcoin
  4. What can you do with it and why is it on the website

What the fuck is JSECoin

JSECoin is a web based utility for mining cryptocurrency while browsing the web. JSECoin has been fully released since around the end of 2017 with a platform that's up and running accessible via its website. The team is quite good with experienced management and developers but no experts in cryptocurrency mining or marketers. Regardless, JSECoin has some high quality marketing which has received a rather positive response from the crypto-community.

Who created JSECoin, a cryptocurrency

James Bachini, you can find him on Linkedin or send him a tweet on twitter. He has other people on his team too but you can check that on on the website.

What is the current state and value of said cryptocurrency

Well when it first dropped rumors were stating that it would be on a 1:1 basis meaning, $1 would equal 1 coin. However 2 years into it, it was valued at $0.006. And even now, with the global economic crisis that value is now at 0.000078 USD so if you had about 6000 coins that would be the equivalent of $0.40. 

What is possible to do with the coin and how is it being used

With the price being so low it would best be used to earn via web advertising and pc mining and use the earnings to purchase cheap advertising on other webmasters' websites.


DaReal Americano™ Intro Theme Song

DaReal Americano™ drops its first video on YouTube!


Riding in my AMG
Look at you, look at me!
Riding in my AMG
On YouTube not TV.

This will be the intro video to every video DaReal Americano™  produced moving forward. Thank you for following and helping us get to 1000 SUBS

Introduction to DaReal Americano™

DaReal Americano™
DaReal Americano™

What this post will cover?

  • What is the DaReal Americano™
  • How can you view DaReal Americano™
  • How to contact or request information from DaReal Americano™

What is the DaReal Americano™?

DaReal Americano™ speaks in third person. DaReal Americano™ streams, cooks and cleans. (sometimes all three at the same time) 

How can you view DaReal Americano™?

To read what DaReal Americano™ has to say, visit:

  1. URL : https://darealamericano.blogspot.com
  2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/darealamericano
  3. Instagram: https://instagram.com/dareal.americano

How can you make request or contact DaReal Americano™?

You can email DaReal Americano™ when you go to your email address and type in darealamericano@gmail.com 

DaReal Americano™ is vegan so SPAM will be deleted.